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The engineer Dieter Breitenbach founded the company in 1974, with the aim of being an innovative participant in the fast-developing field of industrial hydraulics. Prospects were good given his existing experience in the fields of continuous casting, permanent mould and die-casting machines, all of which were fully equipped with hydraulic drives and actuators.

The company’s first successes came as the general agent for Alfred Teves (ATE) Industriehydraulik. The management set great store by being able to offer a complete, comprehensive supply programme right from the start, which meant that customers had just the one contact partner for all their screw fittings, couplings, pipes, hoses, ball valves, etc.

Requests for visits were met promptly, as they are today, and our rigorous approach to processing and implementing customers’ requirements led not just to successful growth, but also to positive promotion of the company through word of mouth. The result was a rapid expansion of business activities.

By 1981 we were already manufacturing customer-specific hydraulic appliances. Appliance production flourished during this period, as mechanical engineers would often buy in the appliances they needed rather than design their own hydraulic drive systems.

We also enjoyed success right from the start using the relatively new regulating-pump technology, proportional technology and load sensing systems in conjunction with variable frequency motors.

Major hydraulics manufacturers such as ATOS, DENISON and DANFOSS (now SAUER-DANFOSS) started working closely with our growing enterprise, leading to links as regional agents. By now we have been able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our working with some manufacturers.

To match our development we moved into a new company building in 1985, and in 1998 a further hall was added to the building.

From the mid-1990s onwards we have continuously expanded our services and entered into works and maintenance contracts with a range of customers.