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Continuous company growth

From the age of 15, Dieter Breitenbach’s youngest son, Jens, had shown a great interest in our family company, drawing up hydraulic plans and parts lists and making a practical contribution to our appliance production. While still at school, Jens broadened his knowledge of the subject through various work experience placements with suppliers and customers. He then qualified as a mechanical engineer at Darmstadt Technical University, where his main degree subjects

  • hydraulic machines and installations
  • oil hydraulics and
  • hydraulic drive systems

gave him a sound foundation of technical knowledge. Jens Breitenbach has worked for the company since 1987 and has been a managing partner since 1994. In 2006 we took over the production of axial piston units from the company Michel Präzision (formerly Fabrikat Arz). By 2010, after a programme of in-house research and metrological work, the documentation and production of the Michel 3 engines had been brought right up to date and active distribution has now begun.

The mechanical production of the assembly units provides the familiar Michel Präzision standards of quality.

What we do today:

We are a highly specialised company operating in the fields of hydraulics and automation. We offer top-class services in the following areas:

  • Technical consulting
  • Project planning
  • Special design
  • Control systems
  • Appliance production
  • Valve blocks
  • Our own test stands
  • Clear-water hydraulics
  • Axial piston motors for confined installation spaces
  • Assembly inserts, including for external products
  • Services featuring ultra-modern testing and measuring devices
  • Several assembly dollies ready for deployment
  • Commissioning of installations
  • Error analysis
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Repairs
  • Tube manufacture
  • Training courses
Heute bieten wir Spitzenleistungen im Hydaulikanlagen- und Aggregate-Bau.