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How we think and act

We see ourselves as the Frankfurt-based hydraulic specialists with a service philosophy.

We employ highly qualified, dedicated engineers in every area of our business. Planning, developing and constructing new installations is just one of our lines of business.

Alongside the sale of hydraulic and automation components, our third line of business is the service team and its outstandingly customer-friendly service programme.

Why not find out for yourself what we can do for you?

We live and work according to five basic principles:

1. Relationships with partners
Our relationships with customers and suppliers are governed by ethical principles. At Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation, the human touch is a paramount concern, and we also see providing good customer service and a high level of flexibility as a matter of course.

2. We keep our word
That applies above all to the targets and deadlines we agree. If we promise that our mobile workshop will arrive at such and such a time, that’s when it will be there. Guaranteed!

3. Our prices are honest and fair
So that you always know where you stand, we offer our services at fixed prices. That way you always retain full control and an overview of your costs.

4. Outstanding quality never really comes cheap!
However, it can be good value for money. Clear division of labour, short decision-making channels and efficient teamwork allow our company to operate in a very cost-effective manner. We cut out unnecessary administrative expenditure, and gladly pass these savings on to you through our fair pricing policy.

5. Your success is our success
Our dedication to our work drives us to find and implement the best possible solution for your enterprise, thus ensuring that you can really derive the full benefit from our hydraulic installations and appliances.